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The CNO/Chief Nurse Executive directs the delivery of patient care, treatment, and services. The CNO is responsible for the development of hospital-wide patient care programs, policies and procedures, development and implementation of the hospital's plan for the provision of patient care, and implementation of an effective an ongoing program to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of patient care. #-LI-MG1

General responsibilities includes assisting in the overall management and implementation of patient care plans consistent with hospital policies, objectives and standards for measurement and maintenance of quality patient care. Additionally participates in the development of new educational and research programs for expansion of nursing and patient care services.

• Functions at the senior leadership level to provide effective leadership and to coordinate leaders to deliver patient care, treatment and services. • Has the authority to speak on behalf of nursing to the same extent that other hospital leaders speak for their respective disciplines, departments or service lines. • Assumes an active role with the hospital’s governing body, senior leadership, medical staff, management, and other clinical leaders in the hospital’s decision-making structure and process. • Participates in defined and established meetings of the hospital’s corporate leaders (when such leaders exist) and with other senior clinical and managerial leaders. • Coordinates the development of hospital-wide plans to provide patient care, treatment, and services. • Coordinates the development of hospital-wide programs, policies, and procedures that address how patient care needs of the patient population (i.e. pediatric, geriatric, adult patients) are assessed, met and evaluated. • Coordinates the development of an effective, ongoing program to measure, analyze, and improve the quality of patient care, treatment, and services. • Directs the implementation of hospital-wide plans to provide patient care, treatment and services. • Directs the implementation of hospital-wide programs, policies, and procedures that address how patient care needs of the patient population are assessed, met, and evaluated. • Directs the implementation of an effective, ongoing program to measure, analyze, and improve the quality of patient care, treatment, and services. • Approves nursing policies, nursing standards of patient care, treatment and services. • Responsible for the provision of nursing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Knowledgeable, transformational leader who develops a strong vision and well articulated philosophy, Professional Practice Model, and strategic and quality plans in leading nursing services. • Keeps current with healthcare changes related to patient care. • Communicates expectations, develops leaders and evolves the organization to meet current and anticipated needs and strategic priorities. • Conveys a strong sense of advocacy and support on behalf of staff and patients • Advocates for resources to implement the strategic plan and engage in interdisciplinary efforts. • Implements mechanisms for evidenced based practice to evolve and innovation to flourish. • Establishes mechanisms to assure nurses throughout the organization are involved in self –governance and decision making structures and processes that establish standards of practice and address issues of concern • Assures the flow of information and decision –making is bi-directional and horizontal between and among professional nurses at the bedside, the leadership team and the CNO. • Promotes relationships among all types of community organizations to improve patient outcomes and the health of the communities served. • Promotes the idea of nurses extending influence to professional and community groups, advancing the nursing profession and supporting organizational goals, and personal and professional growth and development. • Establishes structures, systematic and equitable processes and expectations that support lifelong professional learning, role development and career enhancement. • Enhance the image of nursing in the community. • Establishes a Professional Practice Model that illustrates alignment and integration of nursing practice with the mission, vision, philosophy, and values that nursing has adapted. • Care Delivery System is integrated within the Professional Practice Model and promotes continuous, consistent, efficient, and accountable patient care. • Promotes interdisciplinary collaboration with clear expectations and direction to all practicing nurses about the importance of partnerships with patients and families, and with all disciplines of medicine. Pharmacy, nutrition, rehabilitation, social work, psychology, and other professionals to ensure a comprehensive care plan. • Collaborate with other disciplines to ensure that care is comprehensive, coordinated, and monitored for effectiveness through the quality improvement model that leads to systematic improvements over time resulting in outcomes measures that outperform benchmark statistic of national database used in patient and nursing-sensitive indicators most of the time.

EDUCATION: // · The nurse executive is a licensed professional registered nurse qualified by advanced education and management experience · The nurse executive possesses a postgraduate degree in nursing or a related field; or the knowledge and skills associated with an advanced degree or a written plan to obtain these qualifications. /(Note: A related field may include health care administration or business administration)./ · Notwithstanding the previous statement, as of 07-20-11,a Bachelors of Science Degree in nursing is the minimum education requirement for all new hire CNOs.

Title: CNO Med Ctr Arlington

Location: Texas-Arlington-Medical Center of Arlington- Arlington (Dallas/Ft

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