SourceAmerica Senior Team Manager, Evaluation & Continuous Improvement in Arlington, Texas



Leads all activities related to the NPA Recommendation Process Evaluation team. Provides consultation and training in quality tools, techniques, systems, and measurements for the NPA Recommendation Process team and other business units within SourceAmerica. Under the leadership of the AVP, Quality and NPA Recommendation Process, provides training and improvement projects to enhance delivery of quality services to nonprofit agencies (NPAs) and Federal customers. Leads all assigned staff in supporting key strategies, objectives, and initiatives of SourceAmerica and the Field Offices. Coordinates projects to assist in the measurement and improvement of internal processes and quality.* *Provides internal consultation and support for a variety of essential services to ensure long-term effectiveness of the NPA Recommendation Process as it relates to the evaluation of potential opportunities.


  • Manage the development and implementation of standard policies and procedures to ensure consistency of best practices as applied to the Evaluator portion of the NPA Recommendation Process.
  • Manage a team of SourceAmerica staff and consultants (as appropriate) in the evaluation of NPA responses and to coordinate continuous improvement activity.
  • Support and contribute to all continuous improvement efforts for the NPA Recommendation Process, including, but not limited to the maintenance of internal compliance controls relevant to the Evaluation team.
  • Develop and present presentations regarding program performance and successes/issues, and promote the overall program throughout the NPA community.
  • Develop processes and methodologies to make decisions regarding evaluation protocol, and identify and evaluate risks to moderate and/or facilitate effective process-related decisions.
  • Moderate the evaluation and recommendation process to the Recommending Authority.
  • Complete process reviews and technical assistance support for the NPA Recommendation Process.
  • Manage and oversee all training development and implementation for internal and external trainings related to the NPA Recommendation Process.
  • Work closely with SourceAmerica Field Office staff to ensure effective communication and training for internal staff and the NPA community.
  • Assess quality systems, processes, and measurement systems used by Field Offices and internal SourceAmerica departments to determine where optimization and systematic improvements can be made.
  • Prepare individual and aggregate project reports, including improvement recommendations.
  • Lead assigned staff to provide consultative support and facilitation for business units.
  • Apply quality principles, tools, and techniques to improve performance and processes based upon data, assessment results, and customer/stakeholder feedback.
  • Lead or assist with the development of appropriate measurement systems and metrics to enable departments to understand and manage their performance to meet business requirements.
  • Develop procedures, tools, or training plans to support effective consultation and training.
  • Support of internal document and process development; monitoring of document and data control.
  • Train, coach, and refine internal procedures for Field Offices and other business units.
  • Facilitate internal improvement projects or teams.
  • Implement and/or coordinate internal satisfaction mechanisms, data collection, and analysis.
  • Participate in the development of annual goals and objectives for performance excellence, and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of goals and objectives.
  • Complete process reviews and technical assistance support for the NPA Recommendation Process .
  • Provide training as needed for internal best practices and process improvement, to possibly include internal staff and the NPA community.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Technical knowledge of Quality Management Systems (e.g., ISO, Six Sigma, Kaizen, TQM/CQI) and processes, quality plans, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement. Familiarity with basic quality control standards and measurement techniques.
  • Competence in the processes of training, project management, communication, consulting, and tool development based on client or project needs.
  • Competence in quality and continuous process improvement tools, such as measurement systems, analysis and use of data, process / system mapping, root cause analysis, problem solving, customer feedback and satisfaction/loyalty. Experience providing innovative means for continuous process improvement.
  • Ability to create and document processes and project plans through conception, development, implementation, execution, and closure
  • Ability to build and maintain solid team and business relationships with stakeholders using strong interpersonal skills, business judgment, and customer service skills
  • Proficiency in written and verbal communication, presentations, and speaking to target audiences
  • Proficiency in personal computers and MSO required. Agility with Excel and measurement tools required.
  • Knowledge of Federal government missions and contracting requirements for quality control and quality assurance and compliance helpful
  • Frequent travel required
  • Ability to handle complex actions and multiple priorities
  • Ability to deal with uncertainty, risk, and diverse points of view and apply good judgment to situations in the absence of complete information
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills
  • Proven negotiation skills, presentation skills, and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Federal government procurement and the AbilityOne program is helpful


  • 8+ years with BA/BS; 6+ years with MA/MS
  • 1½ years experience = 1 year college

Equal Opportunity Employer/Protected Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities

Posted: September 24, 2016