IBM Market Development & Insights Professional in Austin, Texas

Market Development & Insights (MD&I) professionals help drive IBM actions by delivering trusted,integrated insights and recommendations that improve IBM business outcomes. Our global team appliesmarket knowledge, insight creation assets, and business expertise to address business issues. Theirknowledge of the market, frequent engagements with business leaders and fact-based analyses areinstrumental to success.Our unique approach is based on collaboration, expertise, and action:- Build a Share Agenda: We proactively partner with business leaders tounderstand their priorities and help them frame their most critical businessissues.- Apply our Unique Expertise: We apply our deep expertise, insight creation assets and market knowledgeto articulate a well-informed point of view.- Champion Action: Together with business leaders, we define actions to achieve the business outcomesthat matter to them.Specific responsibilities may include:• Lead the team's data management and analysis, and develop creative data programsCollaboration and consultation with colleagues and IBM business leaders to improve businessperformance and achieve strategic advantage• Leadership in major project engagements• Data gathering from disparate sources, synthesized to create cohesive strategies presentation developmentand delivery.These profressionals will be located in New York City, San Francisco, California, or Austin, Texas.

  • 2+ years experience using SQL

  • 2+ years experience using Excel

  • 2+ years experience using Data modeling

  • 2+ years experience using Data governance and quality assurance

  • 2+ years experience using Data analysis

  • 2+ years experience using Data visualization

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