IBM Software Licensing Representative in Austin, Texas

IBM is seeking a Software Licensing Representative responsible for managing the IBM Software License ReviewProcess and performing as a Subject Matter Expert on IBM Software Licensing. The Software Licensing Representative mustinitiate and manage all phases of the software licensing compliance governance process including; identifying the relevant IBMportfolio of entitlements, working with third party expert auditors to identify non-compliance, conduct the software license reviewengagement in a timely manner, and resolve any discrepancies directly with the client. This process requires effective communicationwith clients as well as internally within IBM, conducting delicate negotiations while treating IBM clients with sensitivity, and resolving compliance situations fairly and accurately. The Licensing Representative protects IBM's intellectual Property and ensures IBM receives fair payment for IBM Software.Key Responsibilities:• Maintain a high level of IBM Passport Advantage software product licensing expertise• Manage and negotiate highly complex deals with various components• Manage the compliance end-to-end process, while maintaining positive customer relationships• Develop and maintain effective relationships with all extended teams; ensure communication to leadershipand across the software sales teams• Lead C suite discussions with external clientsKey Attributes:• Expertise in IBM Passport Advantage Software; licensing, contracts and pricing• Proficient with Microsoft Excel• Expertise in professional negotiations with software products• Demonstrated effective communication skills; written, verbal and conflict resolution• Ability to manage complex customer relationships and consider all evidence

• 5 years’ experience with IBM software; contracts, pricing, licensing• 5 years’ experience in leading negotiations with clients; sales, contracts, software licensing• 5 years’ experience in customer account management role

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