HCA, Hospital Corporation of America South Austin Medical Center - Sterile Processing Tech Lead in Austin, Texas


** 1. Demonstrates ability to properly decontaminate patient care equipment : 1.1Retrieves equipment from operating rooms as the necessary. 1. Performs decontamination and performance testing in accordance with established procedures.

2. Utilizes cleaning agents in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. 3. Notify the appropriate Unit Supervisor and/or buyer of any malfunctioning equipment. 4. Demonstrates working knowledge of equipment used in Surgery. * 2 . Prepares and sterilizes supplies: 2.1 Receives, prepares and sterilizes items with steam sterilization or Sterrad in accordance with departmental procedures. 2.2 Assembles surgical trays in accordance with current component list. 2.3 Prepares and files appropriate documentation for each sterilizer load. 2.4 Selects the appropriate method of sterilization of each item. 2.5 Cleans and performs accepted maintenance on instruments and equipment. 2.6 Properly loads, operates and cleans all sterilizers and all equipment using biological and chemical controls as required by policies and procedures. **3. Receives and stores supplies appropriately: 3.1 Examines all received supplies for expiration dates, package integrity or any visible damage that might compromise sterility. 3.2 Rotates and stores stock to achieve first-in/first-out distribution. 3.3 Reports stock shortages to the Sterile Processing Manager in a timely manner. 3.4 Works collaboratively with sales representatives. **4. Operates cleaning and sterilization equipment : 4.1 Performs daily or weekly sterilization validation tests per procedure per sterilizer in accordance with policy and procedure. 4.2 Follows departmental established procedure and manufacturer’s instructions for operation of all cleaning. 4.3 Monitors equipment through all phases of operation. Notes and reports within 15 minutes probable malfunction. Undertakes the appropriate procedure in response to malfunction. * 5. Must maintain safe work environment in accordance with OSHA standards. 5.1 Maintains proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while in decontamination area. 5.2 Assures general cleaning of department surface areas, racks, shelves, storage cabinets and all storage areas. **6. Participates in unit activities: 6.1 Assumes responsibilities of Sterile Processing Supervisor in his or her absence under the direction of the Manager of Central Sterile Processing when needed. 6.2 Assesses others in adherence to principles of asepsis. 6.3. Provides two in-services yearly relating to sterile processing, to sterile processing technicians, and other Surgical Services personnel if needed. 6.4 Ensures that all sterilization logs and records are correctly completed tow times during each shift. 6.5 Participates in budget and inventory control. 6.6. Keeps Manager and/or buyer informed of needed items. 6.7 Participates in staff and self-development. 6.8 Takes appropriate action to prevent/manage accidents in the area. 6.9 Participates in performance/process improvement. 6.10 Assists with orientation of new employees. 6.11 Completes Annual Equipment Competency Checklist. 6.12 Attends 80% of Staff Meetings. 6.13 Attends 90% of Mandatory Education Meetings and In-services, if applicable. **7. Performs other duties as assigned.


LEVEL OF FORMAL EDUCATION PREFERRED: * One year of college in a related field.

  • Completion of a Sterile Processing Program


EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: * Required: Previous Sterile Processing experience.

  • Preferred: Four (4) or five (5) years experience working with instrumentation and infection control procedures.

Title: South Austin Medical Center - Sterile Processing Tech Lead

Location: Texas-Austin-South Austin Medical Center

Requisition ID: 00196-48709