Granite Services Rigger in Beaumont, Texas

Requisition Number 16-0541

Post Date 10/13/2016

Title Rigger

City Various

Country United Kingdom


Rigging Tackle Identification

Application of the Correct Rigging Tackle (ie Capable of Safely Lifting the Specified Loads)

Identification of Specific Shackles and Beam Clamps .

Colour Codes of Lifting Slings or Wires be they Belt Slings or Endless Bag Slings and or Wire Strops .

Safety Mandatory Emergency Stop Signals .

Able to Understand and act upon the Basic Safe Systems of Work and Method Statement showing any Approved Rigging Studies.

Overhead Crane Operation be it Pendant or Cab or Remotely Operated.

If Driving Certification has been confirmed for the following units of plant then Separate Certificates are Required:


Tele Handler

Scissor Lift

Cherry Picker

Tractor ( Tractor Cottil with lifting Arm ).

O/H Crane

Experience of power generation (gas/steam turbines) and associated auxiliary equipment is pre