Texas A&M University Veterinary Technician II in College Station, Texas

Position Information

Position Title Veterinary Technician II

Posting Title Veterinary Technician II - Small Animal ICU

System Member Institution/Agency TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY (TAMU)

Department VET MED-TEACHING HOSPITAL / 02-144013

Posting Number S00179FY17

Salary $14.64 – $16.10

Pay Basis Hourly

Job Close Date

Geographic Location College Station

Budget Type Budgeted/Benefits - Full-Time

Is this position restricted by the Patriot Act? No

Is this position D.O.T. regulated? No

EEO AA Statement

The Texas A&M System is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Veterans/Disability Employer committed to diversity.

Position Summary Information

Job Summary

Administers treatments to animals admitted to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital under supervision of the professional staff, provides clinical assistance to the professional staff, instructs veterinary students in proper clinical techniques supporting primary care, and maintains a sanitary and functionally well organized service within the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

Required Education and Experience

Associate degree in veterinary technology, biomedical science, animal science, or a related area. Two years of relevant experience may substitute for each year of education. Any equivalent combination of relevant education and experience. Two years technical experience in veterinary medicine.

Preferred Education and Experience

One year relevant experience within the Texas A&M University System. Two or more years’ experience in a veterinary medical setting.

Required Licenses, Certifications, or Registrations


Preferred Licenses, Certifications, or Registrations

Certification as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Certification as a Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) in ECC, Anesthesia, or Internal Medicine.

Required Special Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills

Basic computer skills in word processing, spread sheets, and billing entry. Working knowledge of veterinary equipment used within a veterinary teaching hospital such as anesthetic machines, fluid pumps, blood gas analyzers, oscilloscopes, defibrillators, and nebulizers. Interpersonal and communication skills, ability to plan and organize effectively. Ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others.

Preferred Special Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills

Other Requirements or Other Factors

No inhibiting allergies to animals, hay, or dust. Able to lift heavy loads. May require working alternate shifts, holidays, weekends, or “on-call duty”. Persons in this position are considered essential when the University declares an emergency, campus closure, class cancellations, etc.. and are therefore required to report to work and remain on duty unless/until relieved by the direct supervisor.

Preferred Other Requirements or Other Factors


Detailed Job Duties

Duties Performed

Monitors physical and medical condition of critical patients. Administers patient medications as directed by the clinician. Monitors fluid therapy. Maintains tracheostomy and chest tubes. Performs pain score assessments. Feeds patients according to clinician’s orders. Maintains clean and sanitary patient environment. Performs other routine tasks involved in daily patient care, as directed by the clinician.

Duties Performed

Performs IV catheter placement and maintenance. Performs Urinary catheter placement. Performs nasal tube placement. Performs placement and maintenance of bandages. Performs wound management.

Duties Performed

Performs central IV catheter and PPN catheter placement. Performs female urinary catheterization.

Duties Performed

Records data regarding patient’s physical and medical status. Records all medications administered. Records fluid types and volumes administered. Records information regarding urine output, mentation, appetite, and other parameters as needed. Records changes in the medical orders, as directed by the clinician. Captures fees and inputs fees into the VMIS system.

Duties Performed

Performs CPCR and defibrillation. Provides oxygen therapy.

Duties Performed

Instructs students in ICU procedures and medical treatments. May participate in Continuing Education seminars. May participate in 3rd year clinical skills lab.

Duties Performed

Performs laboratory tests (NOVA, glucose level, BUN, PCV/TS, ACT, FLV/FIV, heartworm titers, urinalysis, and ethylene glycol). Assists clinicians and students with laboratory sample collection.

Duties Performed

Provides intermediate supervision and instruction to Veterinary Technician I’s, Veterinary Technician II’s, and student technicians. Provides recognition, coaching, and counseling under Progressive Discipline guidelines. Makes schedule changes as needed to ensure shift coverage. Assists with training and mentoring of new staff members.

Duties Performed

Maintains inventory and replenishes stock. Performs service and maintenance. Maintains a sanitary and functional environment in ICU. Provides support to other services within the VMTH. Remains current with safety classes, rabies prophylaxis, and licensure: Radiation safety; Infection control; Aseptic technique; Maintains certification or licensure where appropriate. Participates in clinical and basic research programs as needed within the terms of my employment (<1%). Assists in clinical research efforts to include record-keeping and data management. Performs other duties as assigned.