RTI Surgical Recovery Team Member in Dallas, Texas


• Performs recovery services as a team member in an expeditious, professional and efficient manner.

• Complies with all State, Federal, & AATB rules and regulations.

• Takes direction from the recovery team leader during each case, performs duties as assigned to carry out the donation process by performing the surgical removal of human tissue for the purpose of transplant, research, and education.

• Remains ready to report to the team leader promptly, once contact has been made by phone or pager.

• Performs duties as related to recovery site & donor preparation.

• Performs surgical removal of human tissue for transplant, research, and education according to RTIS Donor Services SOPs and in compliance with the standards established by AATB, FDA, and the Agency for Health Care Administration.

• Assists in proper tracking and labeling of donor tissue, donor reconstruction, and recovery facility maintenance.

• Supports all RTIS Donor Services team initiatives and exhibits professionalism and a positive attitude at all times and whenever representing RTIS.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED AND/OR PREFERRED: (list required and preferred separately)

• Minimum two years extensive medical/surgical experience, preferably in areas related to organ and/or tissue procurement, surgery, or pathology.

• Knowledge of tissue banking: the recovering, processing, testing, & transplantation of human tissue.

• Successful and satisfactory completion of RTIS training matrix as determined by the manager.

• Advanced knowledge of aseptic technique, Human Anatomy and Physiology; disease processes, surgical instrumentation and maintenance.

• Reliable transportation & valid driver’s license required.

• CTBS preferred.