HCA, Hospital Corporation of America EMI Coordinator / FT Days in El Paso, Texas

_POSITION SUMMARY: _ The Equipment, Materials, and Instrument (EMI) Coordinator works under the direct supervision of the circulator nurse assigned to a case. The EMI Coordinator under the direction of the Control Desk Manager/OR Director assists with the orientation and education of Surgical techs I, II, and III he/she also assist with the maintenance of proper inventory of supplies needed for their specialty. Responsibilities also include timely reporting, to the Control Desk Manager/OR Director, any equipment issues, supplies and instrumentation concerns as expressed to them by the physician. His/her duties include preparing for the surgical procedures by collecting needed supplies, instrumentation and equipment to perform surgery. He/she prepares for the surgical procedure by setting up the room and opening the cases, and disposing of used instruments and supplies after the procedure is completed. The EMI Coordinator assists the physicians during surgery by setting up the surgical procedure with all needed supplies, instrumentation and equipment. Responsibilities include handling the sterile instruments and equipment needed to facilitate the surgery. The EMI Coordinator responsibilities also include proper care of handling of instruments postoperatively for transport to Sterile Processing and replacing of supplies to proper storage.

*POPULATION SERVED: * Core competencies will be assessed primarily on the following patient population(s) served: Pre and intraoperative interventions, including but not limited to: vascular, neuro, thoracic, GI, GU, GYN, Orthopedics, Skeletal/muscular conditions and diseases etc.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: EMI Coordinator: 1. Works directly under the delegation and supervision of the Control Desk Manager/OR Director to assist with the orientation and education of OR Tech I, II, and III. 2. Assist with the maintenance of proper inventory of supplies needed for their specialty. 3. Maintains responsibility for timely reporting, to the Control Desk Manager/OR Director, any equipment issues, supplies and instrumentation concerns as expressed to them by the physician. 4. Works directly under the supervision of the circulator nurse assigned to the case to ensure all supplies, equipment, and instrumentation needed to perform assigned procedures, as per physician’s preference card, are gathered prior to the start of the case. 5. Assist Circulator nurse in the preparation of surgical procedures in a timely manner to allow for counts and
equipment checks prior to the patient entering the OR. 6. Maintains knowledge of surgical specialties and ability to scrub for Plastics, General, ENT, GYN, Orthopedic,
Pediatric, Neurosurgery, Vascular, Cardiovascular, Urology and Ophthalmology procedures. 7. Knowledge of aseptic techniques and demonstration of that knowledge in the operating room. 8. Knowledge of sterilization methods and demonstration of that knowledge in the operation room. 9. Demonstrates effective communication skills when interacting with physicians, patients, and all other members of the healthcare team. 10. Assist with review and correction of the preference card hard copy to ensure physician’s preference cards are current
and legible. 11. Assist the circulator nurse with marking, on the preference card, supplies utilized/opened during the procedure for proper billing of the case. 12. Consistently displays positive behavior and communication and interaction with all members of the health care team. 13. Other duties as assigned within scope of practice.**

PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES: 1. Individual Leadership: Demonstrates confidence in own skills, knowledge and ability and opportunities for personal growth and ability to accept and adapt change. 2. Customer Service: Demonstrates customer service skills with both internal and external customers. 3. Transcultural Sensitivity: Treats patients/customers as individuals with unique values, beliefs, and practices. 4. Risk Management/Patient/Customer Safety: Demonstrates patient/customer safety according to policies and procedures. 5. Educator: Identifies, implements, and/or evaluates opportunities for patient/family education. 6. Infection Control: Demonstrates infection control practices congruent with policies and procedures. 7. Performance Improvement: Performs, participates, implements and evaluates performance improvement activities at the department level. 8. Financial Accountability: Identifies opportunities for waste reduction and department efficiency. 9. Information Management: Demonstrates adherence to information management polices and procedures, maintaining confidentiality at all times. 10. Communication: Works as a team member through interaction, assistance and demonstration of appropriate communication skills and reporting/activation of the chain of command appropriately. 11. Practices Professionalism: Performs, participates, implements and evaluates personal performance. 12. Ethics/Compliance: Performs all duties ethically, complying with all policies and procedures, federal, state, and local laws. 13. Environment of care: Demonstrates accountability in role and responsibilities of the 7 Environment of Care plans.


*REQUIRED EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE* 1. Proficient and Competent in all specialties. 2. Ability to precept others regarding surgical technologist duties

*PREFERRED EDUCATION, LICENSURE, CERTIFICATION, EXPERIENCE, SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES* 1) Demonstrates knowledge of surgical products, instruments, and equipment.

2) Demonstrates effective communication, including verbal, written, and presentation skills.

3) Demonstrates ability to identify and resolve problems effectively. Works effectively as a team member.

4) Prioritizes effectively.

5) Possesses excellent organizational skills.

6) A minimum of three years of OR experience in an accredited hospital is required.

7) Previous computer experience is preferred.

8) Successful completion of a Surgical Technologist (ST) training program required. RNs with highly specialized equipment/instrument knowledge will be considered.

9) Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) certification will be considered.

Title: EMI Coordinator / FT Days

Location: Texas-El Paso-Las Palmas Medical Center - El Paso

Requisition ID: 01515-16158