MedStar Mobile Healthcare Clinical Coordinator - MIH/CCP in Fort Worth, Texas

JOB TITLE: Clinical Coordinator – MIH/CCP

REPORTS TO: Chief Clinical Officer


SALARY RANGE: $49,189 - $61,486



The Clinical Coordinator – MIH is responsible for developing and advancing the quality of clinical practice through the provision and coordination of the activities of the Office of the Medical Director (OMD) for the MedStar Mobile Healthcare System, specific to medical direction and oversight of Mobile Integrated Healthcare & Critical Care Programs.

This position requires the skills to be an effective leader and the ability to inspire individuals by communicating needed changes, motivating individuals to become active participating members of a team, and encouraging self-development through a leadership example approach. The coordinator will work collaboratively with the OMD team to ensure that the System goals are achieved in accordance to the mission and vision of OMD and the MedStar Mobile Healthcare System.


  • Reviews patient care provided by MIH, CCP, and ECNS personnel to assure care provided is within the standards of care, medical direction protocols, completeness of clinical information, and accuracy of medical records for care provided - this may include, but is not limited to review of e-pcr, dispatch records, CAD history and hospital outcome

  • Composes clinical peer review audits requiring judgment as to compliance to standards of care, medical direction protocols, completeness, and accuracy of medical records for care provided.

  • Coordinates clinical quality investigations, collaborating with MedStar and partner agencies.

  • Assists the Medical Director and other OMD Staff with objective development of clinical improvement plans.

  • Manages the credentialing process of the OMD for MIH/CCP providers

  • Collaborates with Clinical Outcomes and Research Coordinators in the collection, analysis and validation of clinical data for System diagnostics or clinical research project

  • Participates in scenario and field evaluations, providing feedback and follow-up for MIH/CCP Providers

  • Attends quality improvement / assurance and periodic meetings providing clinical input as it relates to case presentation.

  • Works collaboratively with the MedStar System and partner agencies to ensure compliance to the clinical quality program.

  • Daily contact with confidential medical information requiring knowledge and compliance with current HIPAA laws.

  • Exercises independent decision making, problem solving and collaborative skills

  • Works closely with the MIH Program Management Team

  • Conducts field evaluations and ensures MIH/CCP providers are providing the most appropriate treatment to our patients, and develops individual education and remediation plans as determined by field evaluations, in cooperation with the MIH Manager

  • Conducts audits of MIH/CCP vehicles to ensure inventory compliance with OMD guidelines

  • Acts as an educational resource for MIH/CCP personnel. Evaluates credentialed MIH/CCP providers performance, provides feedback, develops remediation plans as necessary, in collaboration with the MIH Manager

  • Oversees implementation of clinical improvement plans and monitoring of MIH/CCP clinical providers

  • Stays current on changes, updates and research in the EMS-MIH career field and education

  • Collaborates with co-workers, peers and others to develop innovative educational programs designed to meet the needs of the EMS-MIH community and EMS-MIH/CCP providers

  • Participates in activities that promote the OMD and MedStar Mobile Healthcare organization

  • Oversees all phases of the training process

  • Assists with evaluating all new MIH/CCP hires in all phases of the training process

  • Assist with other OMD responsibilities and projects as assigned by the Chief Clinical Officer


  • Air conditioned office environment

  • Occasionally: Confined areas, extreme hot and cold, wet and/or humid conditions, noise, vibration, mechanical and electrical equipment, moving objects, high places, fumes/odors/mists, dirt and dust, gasses, toxic conditions, human excrement, blood, urine, mucous, tissue. Frequently works alone, with and around others, face to face and verbal contact, inside and outside temperature changes. Work hours may vary due to office needs.


  • Sit for extended periods of time

  • Walk, stand, bend, squat, twist and reach

  • Simple grasping and fine manipulation

  • Extended keyboarding

  • Occasionally smelling, lifting up to 125 lbs, pushing, pulling, typing (30 wpm), climbing, balancing, carrying no more than 70 pounds, kneeling, stooping, bending, leaning, upper and lower body flexibility, running distance, driving ambulance, car or truck, multiple physical activities performed at the same time (driving, talking and seeing). Frequently hearing/listening, clear speech, touching, walking inside and outside, sitting. Constantly seeing


  • Associate's degree in emergency medical services management, business administration, or other related degree, or equivalent experience

  • Two years of Critical Care and/or MHP paramedic-level experience in the MedStar or other system

  • Achieve and maintain, Advanced credentialing within MedStar Mobile Healthcare System

  • Successful completion of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Quality Improvement Certification completed within 12 months of hire

  • Ability to adhere to high level of integrity and objectivity in quality review of clinical care and provide feedback in a constructive model

  • Familiarity with report writing and data query systems

  • Knowledge of EMS theory, practice, and trends

  • Knowledge of organizational structure, workflow, and operational procedures

  • Knowledge of adult learning theory and methodologies

  • Knowledge of competency based educational principles and methods

  • Be familiar with basic computer applications, Microsoft Excel, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint

  • Mange time appropriately to ensure that all areas of the essential functions are adequately covered

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


  • Bachelor's degree in emergency medical services management, business administration, or other related degree, or equivalent experience

  • More than five years or more experience as a paramedic in a 911 system

  • Previous experience in developing, implementing and evaluating a credentialing, training, or QA/QI program