HCA, Hospital Corporation of America MRI/CT Technologist - Days in Georgetown, Texas


The MR Technologist is responsible for performing MR exams in accordance with standards and practice set forth by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology and Radiology Department policies and procedures. The MR Tech demonstrates knowledge of human anatomy, disease processes and functions, patient care, positioning, principles of electromagnetic and computer sciences, magnetic protection and specialized techniques. Applies appropriate patient care and recognizes patient conditions essential for successful completion of the procedure.


  1. Performs MRI Procedures in accordance with standards and practice set forth by the American Registry for Radiologic Technology and Radiology Department policies and procedures.

  2. Demonstrates knowledge of human anatomy, disease processes and functions, patient care, positioning, principles of electromagnetic sciences, and specialized techniques.

  3. Properly identifies the patient per policy prior to performing any procedure or exam.

  4. Verifies written order matches requisition prior to performing exam.

  5. Follows appropriate protocol for the exam ordered.

  6. Administers contrast material using proper technique.

  7. Consistently produces scans of optimal diagnostic quality on patients ranging from Neonatal to Geriatric age groups.

    a. Follows established scanning and filming protocols.

    b. Operates MR scanners and related equipment efficiently and effectively.

    c. Completes quality scans in a timely manner, effectively organizing and prioritizing work flow to meet STAT and urgent demands while continuing to meet OP customer standards.

    d. Demonstrates proficiency in scanning trauma, acute and challenging patients; possess skills to modify positioning and scanning factors when standard cannot be performed.

    e. Demonstrates knowledge of disease processes and produces studies that optimally demonstrate related anatomy.

    f. Solicits patient cooperation by providing patient education about procedure and expected sensations before and throughout exam.

    g. Scans patients of all ages, tailoring exam to the age/size/weight/special needs of patient.

  8. Meets clinical responsibilities.

    a. Completes required documentation on forms, logs, work station and Meditech in a timely manner.

    b. Labels images and identifies according to protocol.

    c. Reviews written orders, assesses patient medical record for allergies, possible pregnancy and other pertinent data prior to performing study.

    d. Ensures related information is conveyed to Radiologist performing/interpreting exam.

    e. Correctly completes lab orders in Meditech per OE.

    f. Operates equipment and demonstrates basic troubleshooting techniques.

    g. Enters exam charges in Meditech immediately following procedure.

    h. Monitors patient throughout procedure according to department guidelines.

    i. Demonstrates appropriate technique for venipuncture.

  9. Adheres to safety measures.

    a. Cleans table and gantry and maintains clean work environment.

    b. Performs daily/weekly/monthly QC testing.

    c. Evaluates contrast history prior to administering contrast; records contrast dose and time.

    d. In event of mis-administration, extravasation or contrast reaction, completes appropriate document and notifies Radiologist and Supervisor immediately.

    e. Protects self, patient, staff and public from magnetic field.

    f. Screens and documents possibility of metal objects in each patient/person entering magnetic field.

    g. Ensures patients are transported to and from patient care areas in a safe and efficient manner.

    h. Operates appropriate monitoring equipment; demonstrates appropriate use and interpretation of data obtained.

    i. Demonstrates Standards Precautions and/or Isolation level appropriate for patient.

  10. Manages patient flow to ensure that exams are prioritized appropriately and performed efficiently.

  11. Communicates pertinent information to interpreting radiologist in a timely manner.

  12. Maintains a well-cleaned and supplied department at all times.
  13. Performs other duties as requested by Director/Manager of Imaging Services.
  14. Strictly adheres to all customer service expectations of the department and the hospital.
  15. Strictly adheres to all infection control policies and procedures.
  16. Maintains good attendance. Reports to work on time for assigned shift and response to call in the required timeframes.
  17. Assesses patient for proper prep and special needs/ concerns.
  18. Effectively communicates with other departments to meet the needs of the patient. (i.e. Hand off communication)

    1. Demonstrates compliance with all hospital and department safety practices.
    2. Demonstrates compliance with radiation safety principles including the “Radiation Right” initiative.
    3. Performs assigned QC/QA tasks in timely manner.
  19. Adheres to call/holiday responsibilities.

  20. Attends in-services, seminars, and related educational meetings to stay current with technological advances.

  21. Communicates needs and concerns to management including safety concerns.

  22. Completes all forms, records, and documentation in a timely manner. Completes with accuracy and ensures placement in the patient's chart.

  23. Maintains standards required by ACR.

  24. Can utilize modality work list and PACS systems to acquire, process, and store images appropriately.

  25. Consistently completes discharge calls and pre-calls per department protocol.

  26. Professional Requirements:

    a. Meets dress code standards; appearance is neat and clean.

    b. Completes annual educational requirements.

    c. Maintains regulatory requirements.

    d. Reports to work on time and as scheduled; completes work within designated time.

    e. Consistently completes and maintains assigned duties.

    f. Wears identification while on duty; uses computerized punch time system correctly.

    g. Attends annual hospital wide in-services, as scheduled.

    h. Maintains Hospital requirements, policies and standards on confidentiality.

    i. Actively participates in department’s PI activities.

    j. Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the hospital as well as the focus statement of the department.

Knowledge & Skills: Must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Has frequent contact with patients, visitors, and families. Daily interaction with other departments. Operates and assists in maintaining high technology MR system. Handles confidential patient medical records information. Maintains high standards of patient care. Operates H.I.S. computer terminals. Participates in P.I. process as necessary. Patients cared for will range in lifespan from infant to geriatric. Must possess effective verbal and written communication skills. Must be able to demonstrate understanding of HCA's and St. David's "Patients First" safety initiative by strict compliance to all safety protocols and procedures.

Education: Required: Graduate from a school of Radiologic Technology approved by the American Medical Association.

Experience: Required: One-year experience as a Radiologic Technologist.

Credentials: Required: Texas Department of State Health Services – Certified Medical Radiologic Technologist (CMRT), American Registry of Radiologic Technologists certification in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (ARRT (MR)(CT)) or certification through the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT), and current certification for BCLS Healthcare Provider issued by the American Heart Association.

Title: MRI/CT Technologist - Days

Location: Texas-Georgetown-St. David%27s Georgetown Hospital

Requisition ID: 25067-46650