CVS Health Automation and Innovation Senior Advisor in Irving, Texas

As the Automation and Innovation Senior Advisor, you will be responsible for leading and managing the delivery of new tools, new products and generate disruptive ideas in the Prescription Benefits Management (PBM) industry. You will define, manage and deliver enterprise-wide automation through tools, products and controls across the PBM quality

portfolio. Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Mentoring a team of automation resources

  • Driving the team with new ideas in building tools using newer technologies and intuitive designs.

  • Generating new innovative ideas to deliver disruptive tools

  • Recognizing patterns and develop pattern based products/tool/applications

  • Assisting in establishing and delivering long/short term goals across PBM IT organizations.

  • Delivery of executive-level reporting on enterprise-wide application / project health, governance, while making recommendations and taking action as appropriate.

The successful Automation and Innovation Senior Advisor will demonstrate ability to manage strategic initiatives, while exceeding the goals and expectations of leaders. This position affords you the opportunity to gain visibility to senior leadership through updates on strategic initiatives and automation. The contributions you will make as a Senior Advisor will position CVS Health as a leader in client satisfaction and service in the PBM marketplace. 509004