The PHC Supervisor of the Personal Assistance Services is responsible for supervisory visits which involves a combination of professional and administrative skills and techniques. The PHC Supervisor evaluates the health care required by the individual client. The PHC Supervisor assists the Alternate Administrator/Administrator in organizing and coordination functions of the program, delegating duties and establishing formal means of accountability on the part of the PHC staff. The advice of the Alternate Administrator/Administrator is consulted when problems regarding client care or quality of services arise. The PHC Supervisor is responsible for the quality care provided by the agency and for compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws. The PHC Supervisor must accurately interpret the program to personnel, clients, families, community groups, and other interested parties. Physical Qualifications: Must be able to hear and speak in a manner understood by most persons Must be able to travel to prospective clients place of residence Must be able to stoop and bend, lift and transfer clients. Essential Duties and responsibities are listed below: Directs and monitors the attendant's on going functions Promote, review, and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of client care practices. Coordinates the provision of clients and attendants Maintain contact with client and family via telephone and client care staff Review client's care through ongoing communication with staff and coordination with other agencies Ensure that there is appropriate staffing to meet client's needs Document all phone calls with client, family, and physicians Receive and act to resolve complaints made by client/family regarding care provided by the agency Receive and act to resolve complaints from attendants regarding policy and procedures Hire and orientate all new attendants Participate in assigning personnel to patients based on client's needs and Individualized Service Plan Assign personnel with responsibilities according to their education, expertise, personal preference and client needs Assist administrator in survey by state government Establish mutual goal setting and achievement standards Develop an open, positive rapport with community resources affiliated with PHC Services Maintain high visibility and availability while in the office Assure CONFIDENTIALITY of all patient, physician, and propriety information Perform any other duties assigned by Administrator/Alternate Administrator Must have supervisor experience. Must have a Driver's License.