The GEO Group QA ADMINISTRATOR in Pecos, Texas

This position serves as the facilitys subject matter expert on all compliance and accreditation issues. Develops, maintains, and revises all assessment instruments to ensure that the facility is maintaining its compliance to organizational, contracting client, and/or other outside partys rules, regulations, and guidelines. Develops reports for management regarding the effectiveness of the facilitys compliance and accreditation areas. Recommends process improvements as necessary. Solely accountable for ensuring that all rules, regulations, and guidelines are communicated to all impacted areas throughout the facility. Maybe assigned to projects that may impact the region or organization. This position also serves as the facilitys liaison regarding the interpretation of all compliance and accreditation policies and guidelines. Finally, this position acts on behalf of the organization when compliance and accreditation audits occur.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Reviews and assesses all functional areas within the facility to ensure compliance with organization, contracting client, or outside party. Documents reviews through formalized reports with assessment of the areas and recommendations for improvement.

Develops effective instruments to determine whether departments are in compliance.

Meets with department managers to determine whether the area is in compliance with the organization, contracting client, and/or outside party. When incompliant, partners with department managers to develop strategies to gain compliance.

Serves as the facilitys subject matter expert in the area of interpreting the compliance and accreditation criteria based on organization, contracting client, or outside party requirements.

Ensures that review and revision the facilitys policies and procedures are in compliance with organizational, contracting clients, and/or outside partys guidelines.

Performs facility level operational reviews and audits of all functional areas as required by a published schedule, accurately reporting any findings of noncompliance, and recommending appropriate corrective actions.

Collects all information not obtained at a department-level regarding the facility and/or organization to provide information to the compliance and/or accreditation party.

Serves as the facilitys liaison to the organization, contracting client, and/or other outside party to ensure that all inquiries are responded to in a timely manner. Ensures effective working relationships with a variety of employees, contracting agents, and the general public.

Presents information on compliance and accreditation issues to the facility.

Ensures the effective implementation of the organizations Quality Control Program (QCP).

Analyzes departmental operations and develops action plans to improve service delivery systems.

Maintains all database and paper documentation on the facilitys compliance and accreditation programs.

Performs other duties as assigned.