This position is responsible for all security and control related functions at the facility’s Special Housing Unit (SHU) during duty shift per management instructions.  In addition, it seeks to provide maximum facility coordination in prisoner supervision and safety.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervises all security functions within the Special Housing Unit (SHU) as assigned by management.
  • Supervises the feeding of detainees or inmates during meal time.
  • Makes routine inspections of all security equipment, doors, gates, fences, lighting systems, and other facility equipment within the SHU.
  • Assists staff with unit counts.
  • Reviews reports written by officers during shift and ensures they are submitted as required.
  • Assures that officers receive on-the-job training and safety training as required.
  • Inspects or directs work to inspection of perimeter to test alarm systems, detects safety hazards and ensures safety rules are posted and enforced.
  • Assists officers and staff with unruly detainees or inmates and other assignments as required. Investigates and reports causes of inmate or detainee disturbances.
  • Responds to major unusual occurrences as trained. Facilitates prompt and appropriate assistance to detainees or inmates in the event of injury, illness or emotional trauma.
  • Assigns work, provides training and performs inspections of work performed by inmate or detainee workers.  Assures that inmate or detainee workers under security supervision receive safety training.
  • Provides management with input into decisions concerning employee performance ratings, disciplinary actions, and job assignments.
  • Promotes an atmosphere conducive to personality and character development of detainees/ inmates and staff through the encouragement of favorable behavior patterns, arrangement of physical facilities, and influencing relationships among detainees or inmates.
  • Assists in review of staff effectiveness by conducting frequent physical inspections of the facility to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.