RESPONSIBILITIES/TASKS: 1.Switch cars based on oral or written instructions received from Management (Yardmaster, Trainmaster, etc.) 2.Notify Engineer and Yardmaster of switching orders and, whereby, which cars are to be moved to specified locations of yard using radio, verbal or hand signals. 3. Give instructions to operate track switches and to couple and uncouple cars. 4. Maintain records, number, origin, destination, order and cargo of cars switched. 5. Raises coupling lever to couple or uncouple cars. 6. Operate track switches to facilitate switching of cars and signals Engineer to move cars using lantern, arm signals or radio. 7. Tie handbrakes. 8. Connect air hose to cars when making up trains. 9. Set warning signals such as flares, flags or lanterns at front of and at rear of train during emergency stops to warn oncoming trains. 10. Communicate with Dispatch Center to obtain track warrants, communicating information to all crew members. 11. Make minor repairs to couplings and air hoses. Report any equipment requiring major repairs. 12. Maintain compliance with all Texas Pacifico policies, procedures and requirements. Maintain compliance with all state and federal laws and regulatory requirements. 13. Work successfully as part of a team and responsible for developing then maintaining strong working relationships with co-workers. 14. Attend and participate in safety meetings and training as required. 15. Perform general office tasks as required. 16. Perform special assignments, projects, and other duties as required. POSITION EXPERIENCE & ABILITIES: 1. Requires in-depth understanding of conductorship. This field of knowledge is normally associated with the attainment of a Conductor s certification. 2. High school diploma or GED required. 3. Knowledge and skills in performing basic mechanical repairs and maintenance. 4. Requires ability to write legibly and use radio and communication equipment. 5. Requires proficient ability to speak, read and write English. 6. Requires ability to speak clearly and be understood effectively in face to face interactions; articulate with accuracy to speak on the phone. 7. Requires ability to hear and receive verbal instructions, answer phones, communicate with people in situations with some background noise. 8. Requires ability to maintain confidentiality. 9. Proficient working knowledge and ability to accurately and timely operate and perform computer related tasks with specific equipment and software applications required. 10. Requires ability to drive assigned vehicle(s) or personal vehicle, with appropriate state license, following all laws applicable; must provide proof of liability insurance and must be eligible to be insured under Texas Pacifico s insurance policy. Must be age 21 or older to drive on behalf of the company. 11. Requires ability to use up to 80 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds of force continuously to move objects. 12. Requires ability to walk or stand on uneven, rough surfaces or inclines and sit, sometimes for prolonged periods of time. 13. Requires clear vision at 20 inches or less for close vision, 20 feet or more for distance vision, peripheral vision and depth perception. Requires ability to adjust focus and ability to identify and distinguish colors in order to perform switching duties, read railroad or yard traffic signals, hand signals, lantern signals and track obstructions and observe other activities within railroad or yard traffic 100% of the time. 14. Requires sufficient good health to properly discharge duties. Employees shall not be permitted to work who have infectious disease for the duration of the communicability. POSITION CRITICAL SKILLS: 1. Self management. Demonstrate self-control and an ability to manage time and priorities. Make sound decisions even under pressure. 2. Communication. Clearly express ideas, either verbally o