Southwest Research Institute RESEARCH ENGINEER - FUELS AND ENERGY DEV in San Antonio, Texas

Job Summary:

Works to accomplish the fuels and process related research objectives given in proposals and work assignments; develop, test, and apply solutions to chemical, fuel, and process problems; provide technical guidance to, and occasionally supervises, other personnel; make cost estimates on projects and operating costs of processing plants; interact with customers, lead project meetings, be a project manager or project engineer, and provide responsive customer service via telephone calls, emails, and travel to other sites and client locations; operate pilot plants as a lead operator during 24hr/7day/wk campaigns as needed (shift work will be required sometimes); execute physical, chemical, and laboratory test when/if required; analyze and interpret thermodynamic properties, chemical and process engineering literature, fuels property data, pilot plant operating data, and chemical analyses for use in client reports and for planning future research actions; write proposals for fuels and related chemical processing, paper studies involving processes, fuels, and studies of chemical reactions involving fuels, fuels handling and utilization, and utilization; use commercial modeling software to predict compositions, heat and material balances for physical and chemical processes; supervise engineers, laboratory technicians, and pilot plant operators; write technical procedures and operating instructions for operating pilot plants and laboratory equipment; configure process control software used to control pilot plants; operate pilot plants, meets clients, writes technical articles (publishes research), and presents information at technical meetings; perform other work as assigned.


Requires a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering with at least a 3.2 GPA. 0 – 3 years of hands on experience in process development is a plus. Knowledge of unit operations, hydrocarbon chemistry, fluid mechanics, process engineering, distillation, reaction kinetics, heat transfer, engineering economics, and chemical engineering thermodynamics are all important; computer skills should include process modeling, word processing, spreadsheet, drawing, plotting, database, and process control software; working knowledge of computer-based pilot plant operating software helpful; should be able to design bench-scale apparatus, and to develop and critique process flow diagrams; bench laboratory skills are an asset; must be able to manage projects or phases of projects of various sizes both those acquired by the incumbent or by other staff; requisite communications skills include client interactions and negotiations, technical presentation, personnel supervision, and writing technical reports, proposals, and instructions are required; strong expository writing skills are essential; verbal communications of high quality needed for presentations and direct sponsor interactions; must have rector design, materials understanding. Shift work required. Travel required. A valid/clear driver's license is required.

Job code: 01-01533

Job Locations: San Antonio, Texas