Southwest Research Institute SCIENTIST - RESEARCH SCIENTIST - CHEMISTRY in San Antonio, Texas

Job Summary:

Operate and maintain laboratory instrumentation utilizing gas flow proportional counters, liquid scintillation counters, alpha ray and gamma ray spectrometers; perform tests according to laboratory procedures; review and modify laboratory procedures; preparation and verification of reference standards; prepare multi-media test samples for counting using solvent extraction, co-precipitation, ion exchange and other techniques of chemical separation and purification; perform various chemical experiments, laboratory functions, general laboratory housekeeping; prepare and review data analysis and reports; interpret data independently; maintain work area; follow quality policies and safety procedures. Other tasks as assigned.


Requires a BS degree in Chemistry with at least a 3.0 GPA. May consider other Physical Sciences degrees such as Biochemistry, Forensic Science, etc. with appropriate related experience. Must have 1-3 years experience in Analytical Alpha and Gamma Spectrometry, and Actinide and Lanthanide Chemistry and Separations. Must have a strong chemistry background and good math skills. Must have an intimate working knowledge of analytical radiochemistry. Must have good organizational and communication skills. Must be able to accurately document work. Must be able to adjust work schedule to meet workload demands and have ability to work overtime as required. Must possess computer skills, including spreadsheet software and word processing.

Job code: 01-01518

Job Locations: San Antonio, Texas