Tarrant County Government EPIDEMIOLOGY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST, Public Health in Tarrant County, Texas

  • Establishes and maintains systems for collecting, investigating, managing, and reporting measurable, understandable and outcome-based assessment of the community's health, specifically notifiable conditions.
  • Facilitates regular contact via telephone and site visits with reporting sources that see cases of notifiable conditions.
  • Works to improve the surveillance and guidance provided on notifiable conditions, conducts rapid investigations of reported and suspected cases, coordinates the collection of data, and prepares reports.
  • The position also conducts investigation of other diseases of public health importance.
  • Participates in a multi-disciplinary team for rapid response and disease intervention.
  • May be requested to assist with investigations in neighboring jurisdictions during major outbreaks or disaster.

Work Schedule: _Participates in rotation of 24/7 call for communicable disease reports.

Note: Occurs approximately once a month_.

Grant funded.

Posting may close at any time.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Develops and maintains liaisons with healthcare providers to ensure reporting and follow-up of cases.
  2. Facilitates regular contact with communicable disease reporting sources such as hospitals and hospital-based physicians, physicians in non-hospital-based practices, private and public clinics, laboratories, shelters, daycare facilities, schools and related community based service organizations.
  3. Advises all testing sites, including healthcare facilities, regarding regulatory compliance and importance of timely reporting per the Texas Administrative Code and the Texas Department of Health reporting guidelines.
  4. Conducts epidemiologic investigation of new cases.May plan and implement case-control studies during outbreak investigations.
  5. Uses efficient electronic tracking system (e.g. the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System) for maintaining and analyzing County disease cases relating to foodborne illnesses.Develops processes to promote quality and efficiency in reporting.
  6. Develops and maintains an up-to-date tracking system of all non-electronic, case related information (e.g. telephone and standard mail transmissions).
  7. Conducts quality assurance reviews of surveillance activities, hospitals, and physician offices.
  8. Prepares periodic reports and responds to requests for communicable disease data from healthcare professionals and community partners.
  9. Participates as directed in the department's emergency preparedness and response efforts.
  10. Participates with and sometimes leads task forces and ad hoc committees to carry out epidemiology and public health activities.May participate in committees on department-wide issues such as continuous quality improvement, information confidentiality, volunteer training, etc.
  11. Submits completed case reports and required summary reports.
  12. Prepares periodic reports and responds to requests for communicable disease data.
  13. Participates in rotation of 24/7 call for communicable disease reports.
  14. Supervises and evaluates performance of subordinates, including periodic temporary employees and interns as assigned.
  15. Performs all other related duties involved in the operation of the Public Health Department as assigned or required. Minimum Requirements:


TO APPLY, must have a Bachelor's degree. Three (3) full-time years of public health-related work experience. (Bachelor's degree in Epidemiology, Nursing, Public Health, Sociology, Humanities, Psychology, Science or a related field preferred.)

OR TO APPLY, must have a Master's degree or higher in Public Health. One (1) full-time year of public health-related work experience. (Master's degree preferred.)

TO APPLY, must possess valid and current driver license.

Previous experience in health related field with knowledge of disease investigation protocols, reporting procedures and data analysis desirable.

Ability to gather information and conduct online information searches is required.

Must be able to write and prepare reports of investigations.

Must have computer knowledge.

Spanish language ability is highly preferred.

Knowledge of M.S. Office and data management software required.

Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing.

If hired, must provide proof of educational attainment at New Hire Processing or during the promotional process.

Tarrant County will conduct background checks on new hires that will include a criminal background check related to convictions and deferred adjudications in the past Seven years and may include credit reports, motor vehicle records, employment records and educational attainment. A conviction or deferred adjudication is not an automatic bar to employment. Each case is considered individually.

Physical Demands and Work Environment & Other Requirements:

While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to sit, stand, and walk.


Closing Date/Time: Wed. 10/26/16 11:59 PM Central Time

Salary: $2,131.08 - $2,344.19 Biweekly

Job Type: Regular Full-time

Location: Tarrant County, Texas