Baylor Scott & White Health Patient Transporter I; PRN Waco in Waco, Texas

Patient Transporter I


HBMHos Adm-Radio


Transports patients, patient's belongings, medical records, meds from pharmacy, hospital equipment and specimens safely, and in a kind and courteous manner. Utilizes wheelchairs, stretchers, beds, and carts.

* Maintains friendly, efficient, positive customer service attitude toward customers, clients and co-workers. Is responsive to customer needs.

* Provides transportation to various areas of the institution to facilitate patient care.

* Safely transports patients and their belongings, medical records, charts, blood specimen and equipment to various areas of the institution.

* Safely moves patients with traction, IVs, drainage apparatus, oxygen and other encumbrances.

* Adheres to all established systems and training programs to provide a safe working environment. Complies with OSHA regulations and other local, state and federal regulations.

* Follows established department procedure to accurately verify and transport the proper patient by visually checking patient identification or verifying with nursing staff.

* Notifies dispatcher of status of assigned duties and proceeds as instructed.

* Uses the Awarix (HEV) System to document status of requested patient moves.

* Transports patients upon admissions and discharge helping the patient in and out of vehicles at entrances.

* Dresses in designated uniform and adheres to proper hygiene when reporting to work and performing job duties.

* Adheres to the established policies addressing the confidentiality of patient information.

* Transports bodies to the morgue and ensures that proper documentation is completed.

* Provides emergency assistance to patients who become ill during transport process until proper staff can be notified and assistance arrives.

* Responds to Dr. Fleet and Dr. Rapid announcements

* Assists in training new employees.


* Cooperates and collaborates with the Scott & White leadership to champion and meet the strategic goals of S&W Healthcare.

* Adheres to S&W and the Support Service Department's policies and procedures including appropriate attire and grooming.

* Willing to serve on departmental and/or S&W committees or focus groups as requested and needed.

* Interacts effectively, builds relationships, and demonstrates a high level of cooperation.

* Communicates effectively with the manager or supervisor on a regular, formal and informal basis to discuss possible changes, safety concerns or problems.

* Champions overall safety in the department. Reports possible safety issues and recommends appropriate changes.

* Complies with OSHA, and other local, state, and federal regulations.



High School Diploma or GED

Training & Experience:

BCLS certification required within 30 days of date of hire.


* To interact and communicate with all staff, management, and the public in English in a positive and professional manner.

* Ability to work well under time constraints.

* Ability to use 2 way radios or pagers, operate wheelchairs, hospital beds and stretchers

* To communicate appropriately verbally and in writing using the English language.

* To comprehend instructions, correspondence, memos and other forms of verbal and written communication.

* To read and follow instructions.

* To deal with difficult situations and resolve issues and concerns with the appropriate people in a polite and professional manner.

* To work and accomplish tasks in a stressful, fast-paced environment.

Job Family: Support Services