Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following: One to one contact with the individual to provide assistance with daily living and social skills; Provides access to communication and information from the environment in methods that are clear and understandable to the participant; Forms a relationship with the individual that includes recognizing, understanding, and honoring attempts of the participants; Periodic development and preparation of activities for the individual; Completes work log of activities with the individual describing successful and unsuccessful techniques; Provides technical assistance to others working with the individual; Forms a working alliance with the family, neighbors, and professionals with whom the individual has contact; Participates and assists in the development of the PDP; Assists with implementation of the PDP; Documents on areas identified as needs in PDP; Reports accidents and existing dangerous conditions and observes safety practices inregards to the individual s needs; Works from the written plan for intervention with the family and IDT Team members; Transports individual to gain access to community services and resources required by plan of care; Provides instruction and support for the individual in: Meal planning and preparation; JOB00065 o Self-care and personal hygiene; o Medications that are normally self-administered; o Household tasks; o Money management; o Supervision in safety and security; o Interpersonal communications; o Meaningful daily schedules and activity routines; and, o Mobility, ambulation, and exercise. Provides behavioral support; Ability to perform heavy lifting/carrying up to 75 pounds without assistance and 100 plus pounds with assistance. Performs health related tasks that do not require standing physician orders; Team work - encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity, fosters commitment and team spirit; works cooperatively with others to achieve goals; Requests and uses leave appropriately; Dresses appropriately; Observes health, Safety, and Sanitation Policies; Follows all other Rules of Conduct and Policies. Qualifications: Successfully complete a written competency based assessment tool demonstrating the ability to document service delivery and observations of the individual served, and have at least three personal references from persons not related by blood, providing evidenceof the ability to provide a safe, healthy environment for the individuals being served; Must possess a valid Texas Driver s License and be insurable under the company s policy; Must be able to read, write, speak and communicate effectively in English; Able to recognize emergencies and implement emergency procedures; Demonstrates respect for the patient, his/her property and his/her privacy; Ability to maintain confidentiality related to agency activities, personnel actions and individual s care; Ability to follow oral and written instructions in the home without on-site supervision; Knowledge and use of universal precautions and basic infection control procedures. Has on the job experience that shows increased knowledge, skill and abilities in providing services to the more difficult individual Must have sufficient eye-hand coordination to operate equipment including, but not limited to, motor vehicle, mechanical equipment, phone, calculator, computer, copier and typewriter. Ability to intervene with combative/aggressive individuals, participate in strenuous physical training for Handle With Care physical intervention. Ability to perform Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Education and Experience: High School Diploma or GED; JOB00065 Language Skills: Ability to read and comprehend instructions, manuals and other company/documents. Exhibits above average oral communication skills. Position required excellent customer service skills. Mathematical Skills: Abi