POSITION SUMMARY This position is accountable for supporting field operations at marine project locations for Orion Marine Construction Gulf Coast - Houston. Incumbents are responsible for welding, cutting, grinding, chipping and clean-up in the projects with which they are involved. Typically, they will work closely with a Project Superintendent, Barge Foreman, Crane Operator, Boat Captain, Laborers, Helpers and other skilled or semi-skilled crafts persons. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES Works as assigned by the Barge Foreman to ensure the successful completion of on-going or new marine construction projects. Displays and uses capabilities to cut, weld, chip, grind or fit metal as may be required by the project. Utilizes oxygen-acetylene cutting torch and related equipment when required to cut away metal from existing structure, beams or platforms. Welds together pieces of sheet metal once individual sheet piles are pile driven into place. Applies ability to stick rod weld in all positions to complete a job. Rigs cable for lifting and moving objects from one location to another. Handles placement of steel plates and sheet piles with the aid of equipment such as cranes, winches, cable and hand tools that may be available. Operates saws, presses, drills and grinders to fabricate parts needed to repair a piece of equipment. Inspects and makes minor repairs to welding equipment; notifies Foreman of parts needed to complete repairs. Picks up needed materials and supplies to complete project. Works closely with Foreman, Crane Operators, Helpers, and other skilled crafts persons to complete current projects in a safe and efficient manner. Performs other related duties as may be assigned or requested by immediate supervision. Participates in Safety and Environmental initiatives that will contribute to compliance of State/Federal regulations and improve existing Company programs. All employees, current and former, must maintain confidentiality by not disclosing to others any confidential, proprietary or trade secret information belonging to the Company. Responsible and accountable for incumbent s own personal safety. Responsible and accountable for the safety of all our co-workers and any others incumbent comes in contact with. Authorized and obligated to stop work on any task or series of tasks whenever an unsafe condition or situation is anticipated or is observed. Complies with all applicable laws, regulations and Company policies and procedures, and is subject to appropriate disciplinary action (including dismissal) for failure to do so. Reports any and all violations of applicable laws, regulations or Company policies and procedures promptly, and is subject to appropriate disciplinary action (including dismissal) for failure to do so. Performs other related administrative and technical duties as may be assigned or requested by immediate supervision (such as certification training, safety training, procedure review, etc.). POSITION REQUIREMENTS A minimum of two (2) years welding experience or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the necessary welding skills, knowledge and abilities is required. The incumbent must also be able to communicate well and have good knowledge of the: 1) Practices and materials of the welding trade. 2) Physical characteristics of various types of metal used in the construction of marine structures. 3) Operation of various types of marine equipment and devices. 4) Importance of safe work practices in a marine environment. 5) Welding craft and be capable of passing standard welding tests that demonstrate proficiency to perform the job. 6) Operation of acetylene and arc welding equipment, hand and power tools, and welding blueprints, and sketches is also required. The Company expects and requires incumbent and each of i