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Kenneth Copeland Ministries Assistant Media Technician (Temporary) in Newark, Texas

Serves as an assistant to video processing technician in the Media Processing Center. Under the direction of the Media Assets Supervisor, operates audio and video equipment duplicating television broadcast masters for distribution following intricate procedures using various types of routers, encoders, and recorders while ensuring the quality of each. Duplicates in-house video projects as needed. Should have a basic understanding of standard TV production concepts, practices and procedures and must be willing to assist in other production areas as needed after being trained. Works with the Audio and Video Editors making sure they have the necessary sources routed and loaded for edit sessions. Receives day to day assignments from Media Assets Supervisor.


  • Under direction of the Video Technician, operates various types of routers, encoders and recording devices duplicating broadcast masters for distribution following intricate procedures while ensuring the quality of each.

  • Supports the editors as source provider in the Video Processing Center, during edit sessions, preparing and changing video and audio masters as needed.

  • Creates multiple syndication masters simultaneously using machines of various formats and standards.

  • Assists in the dubbing, labeling and storage of electronic media as required by producers for edit sessions.

  • Helps fulfill video dub requests for all in-house facility and related out-of-house needs. Serves in other production rolls as assigned.


Education and Experience:

  • High School graduate or in senior year taking broadcast related classes.

  • Hands on experience operating television recording equipment.

  • Familiar with basic computer video editing.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must be self-motivated and responsible.

  • Must be detailed and have good organizational skills.

  • Must be able to solve problems as challenges arise so productivity is not diminished.

  • Should be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time.


  • Tape machines including: IMX, Beta, DVD, SVHS, MAC based non-linear editing systems for loading and exporting in the edit suites.

  • Routers, waveform monitor, standards converter and network hard drives. DVD duplicators and printers.


  • Must be able to stand for extended periods of time while performing duties. Must be able to climb ladders, step stools and stairs without assistance while carrying electronic media. Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds over head without assistance - primarily tape boxes and production equipment.


  • Maintain focus and attention to detail throughout the work shift.

  • Always aware of timeframe and due dates for incoming and outgoing material.

  • Changes often occur at the last minute, so applicant must be flexible.

  • Should be able to work well in a high-pressure TV Production environment and maintain an even temperament with a good attitude.


  • Normally inside, controlled atmosphere, but taping does occur outside occasionally.


  • Born again believer and must adhere to the doctrines of this organization as upheld by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and their appointed representatives.

  • Must work well with others, as a team and according to Romans 16:17, and must not cause dissension and division.

  • Must maintain a good attendance record.

ID: 2021-1737

External Company Name: Kenneth Copeland Ministries

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Street: 14355 Morris Dido Road