Essential Functions include the following. (Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disability ies Act, may include the following tasks, knowledge, skills, and other characteristics. Th is l ist is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not a comprehensive l isting of all functions and tasks performed by incumbents in this class.) Other duties may be assigned. Monitors cameras to observe inmate movement and interaction and document any unusual occurrences; controls doors throughout the facility to control access into and out of various parts of the facility; communicate s with inmates to provide and receive information ; maintains daily activity log for succeeding shifts; transfer i n mates to and from bonding; receives criminal histories of inmates; conducts head counts of inmates; monitors incoming deliveries to assure no inmate leaves with the delivery truck. Prepares necessary paperwork and interviews inmates for criminal history, violent/aggressive tendencies, escape history , etc. to determine the most suitable housing assignment; finds inmates for assignment to trustee posit ions (inmate worker); enters data into inmate classification files; updates and produces various lists and documents/forms maintained on the computer; resolves disputes involving inmates; assigns P.l.N. numbers and communicates with the phone company to maintain the phone system. Oversees inmate visitations by the public and their attorneys; provides a uniform procedure of in mate visitation so all inmates that have completed the policy requirements may have visitors; answers and files requests from inmates pertaining to visitation; monitors visitation activity for both inmates and the public to ensure that visitation procedures are followed and maintained throughout the jail security at the same ti me; enters visitation information into the computer system; operates electronic control panel for visitation area. Operates the comm issary making deposits and withdrawals from inmate accounts as they order commissary items; invoices inmates accounts for payments; ensures total accuracy by balancing accounts daily; makes band deposits, balances checki ng accounts, writes checks; makes bank deposits; accounts for petty cash and replaces as needed; maintains accurate files provid ing an aud it trail for auditors; answers inqu iries; provides reports on sales, revenues, etc. to chain of command . Protects inmates from themselves and others; provides the equipment and supplies needed to maintain a clean environment in which to live; prohibits the growth and spread of disease and parasites; washes and disinfects personal clothes on a regular basis; promotes a clean work environment for fellow employees and/or inmates; inspects equipment to assure good working order; ensures the right chemicals are added to the machine; counts inmate clothing going into the machine to ensure the same amount comes back out. Transports inmates to and from district court and/or county court for hearings; transports inmates to and from other agencies; picks up and returns inmates due to bench warrants; transports inmates to and from other correctional facilities (e.g. Texas Department of Criminal Justice, state jails, etc.); transports inmates to and from scheduled doctor appointments, dentist appointments , and emergencies; transports inmates in the event of a funeral escort, warrant, court commitment, or family emergency.