H & R BLOCK Tax Professional in SAN ANTONIO, Texas

Tax professionals at H&R Block have the ability to establish relationships with clients who will return for your assistance on a yearly basis. We offer tax courses to assist you with the skills you need to become a tax professional. If you are an experienced tax profession, there are abundant opportunities for you to further advance your tax knowledge by taking certification courses to help you meet the complex needs of your clients. Interview clients to obtain additional information on taxable income and deductible expenses and allowances. Use all appropriate adjustments, deductions, and credits to keep clients' taxes to a minimum. Prepare or assist in preparing simple to complex tax returns for individuals or small businesses. Compute taxes owed or overpaid, using adding machines or personal computers, and complete entries on forms, following tax form instructions and tax tables. Furnish taxpayers with sufficient information and advice to ensure correct tax form completion. Check data input or verify totals on forms prepared by others to detect errors in arithmetic, data entry, or procedures. Consult tax law handbooks or bulletins to determine procedures for preparation of atypical returns. Calculate form preparation fees according to return complexity and processing time required. Answer questions and provide future tax planning to clients. Review financial records such as income statements and documentation of expenditures to determine forms needed to prepare tax returns.