GREEN CITY SECURITY LLC Commissioned Security in SUGAR LAND, Texas

Our security officers are responsible for the safety of our clients. They proactively observe and report to deter theft, vandalism and illegal entry at client's site. They understand and follow assigned post orders, report all incidents, accidents or medical emergencies as required. Their duties include, but are not limited to: Perform security patrols of designated areas on foot or in vehicle Patrol facility or stand post as instructed and serve as a general security presence and visible deterrent to crime and client rule infractions. Warn violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking or carrying forbidden articles. Patrol commercial premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of doors, windows, and gates. Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises. Answer alarms and investigate disturbances Circulate among visitors, patrons, or employees to preserve order and protect property. Escort or drive motor vehicle to transport individuals to specified locations or to provide personal protection. Operate detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas. Warn persons of rule infractions or violations, and verbally evict violators from premises. Monitor cameras or equipment in a continuous fashion as outlined in the post orders. Communicate on a daily basis with Security Supervisor any new Security Issues or changes that need to be considered or implemented. Provide assistance to customers, employees and visitors in a courteous and professional manner. Requirements: - Commissioned Security officer certification. - Must have one year experience. Candidates must pass background check. Due to the nature of the employer's business, company policy requires that candidates with a criminal background or convictions will not be considered for employment