****Employer has an opening for Salad Specialist in Waco, TX - Employee will be trained in the Tyler LaMadeleine Cafe and be re-located to Waco, TX in May. Employer willing to assist in relocation expenses. Call Kevin Asaff for more details. -- 956-457-1189 Positions available in Tyler Cafe location as well. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Other duties may be assigned) Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established company policies to achieve the overall objectives of the position. Must perform multiple tasks while maintaining required standards of operation in daily restaurant activities. Produce all salad products100% to recipe specifications within the standard cook or preparation time frames to ensure guest satisfaction and control food costs. Follow the procedure for recipe execution as stated in the la Madeleine Operations Manual. Ensure that all foods used in preparation meets la Madeleine specifications for quality, shelf life and brand. Keep updated and knowledgeable on all recipe changes. Utilize the most updated recipes as dictated by management. Keep all food, prepared and received, in proper rotation. Communicate with management throughout the shift regarding product issues. Clean and sanitize workstation, utensils and equipment throughout the day. Always work clean, following la Madeleine Food Handling Procedures. Perform assigned daily and weekly cleaning duties as assigned by management. Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested. QUALIFICATION STANDARDS Must understand written and verbal caf safety and security policies and procedures. Stands/works/moves during entire shift with frequent bending and stooping. Lifts and carries sacks and cases of up to 45 lbs., up to 20 times per shift; places these items on high and low shelves. Able to work with different types of kitchen equipment including, but not limited to: warming drawers, soup kettles, knives and other slicing and dicing equipment. Able to read menu items, recipes and handwritten orders. Able to hear orders from kitchen, cashiers, managers, and/or guests in the midst of loud background noises. Uses hands to prepare food 99% of the time. Able to pass recipe and food quality tests as required. HOW TO APPLY!! To apply for position, you must click on I m interested on the 1st page and the 2nd page to place your name on the employer s contact referral list. If interested in applying for this job, click "I'm INTERESTED" then continue to next page and click "I m INTERESTED a second time. After doing so follow job posting contact information to complete process. REMEMBER: Click Interested TWICE! THANK YOU! REMINDER: Let the Tyler Workforce Center know immediately if you are hired by calling 903-561-8131 extension 5316 and leave a message.